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#41 Mar 20 2019 05:28pm
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Quote (Motorbreath @ Mar 20 2019 04:33am)
what mini reset diamond+
was that from the beginning of the season when everyones elo was messed up, winning 30 losing 10?

what r u at now? My games are going fine, i haven't had 2 many afk/rage quitters. I've seen 2 xerath scripters and actually had the enemy team start feeding because they noticed the scripter on their team lol

Oh ok, well everyone from masters+ all got reset to Masters 0 lp , and everyone diamond 4-1 got kicked back a division so everyone was just trolling when they announced this back in early March. The brought it up the same time they removed positional ranks which was another blessing.

I'm plat 1 on my 1 account atm, I think the reset happened today? , not sure just got home, if it did I might go back to working on it again :P

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