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#1 Jan 25 2019 11:56am
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#2 Feb 12 2019 01:25am
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If you are seriously interested I know some good resources. Pm me in such a case. Be aware that it takes dedication over years though
#3 Mar 29 2019 02:09am
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You can learn it with flashcards. Anki is one of the most popular language learning software.

Having said that I really wouldn't bother. It takes years and if you don't practise everyday you will forget. Phones automatically convert hiragana to kanji so unless you're living in Japan and want to live there permanent there is no need.

I also heard there are apps if you take a picture on your phone the app recognize the kanji and gives you translation.

Just my 0.02 yen
#4 Apr 1 2019 10:51am
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lulno1ti4t4t :evil:
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