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#1 Dec 17 2018 10:31pm
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I was on my way home and checked my phone and it said Brees had thrown an interception already. I get home and turn the game on and Carolina is running a 2 point attempt back. How did they get the ball? Brees fumble, INT, or what? I'm so confused because I lost my fantasy playoff game by 1.2 pts and I don't understand how he didnt throw 2 INTs
#2 Dec 18 2018 12:18pm
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It was an interception on a 2 pt conversion which doesn't count as an interception.

Looks like you made your first post in months, strange of you to come to this forum to do it...
#3 Dec 18 2018 02:38pm
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#4 Dec 21 2018 09:24am
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he has throwin more than that.

he has 233 interceptions at the moment.

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