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#31 Apr 21 2019 12:45am
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so what sre the boyz main?

Right now im rocking my old melee main

young link, i love using him so much.

Also down air comboing into a up a into a side kick into a ko is so fucking satisfying to pull xD

i call it the succ n pucc n fucc

e/ My skills are trash tho now, i took a long break due to the shitty servers thinking of going back in and whooping scrubs online xD


WhT are your worse matchups? I personally HATE pokemon trajners fuck anyone who mains pokemon trainer i just cant handle those fuckers with their stupidass squirrels

Also if you ness main, you eat ass lets just get that out, learn to do something else then pk fire you whore.

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#32 Jun 11 2019 11:05am
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dragon quest and banjo kazooie in smash!!!
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