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#511 Nov 20 2018 10:45pm
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Amulet/Staff done. Slow but extremely safe in Maggot Lair. PIs took a bit (including several decrep wouldn't break), but nothing even remotely scary in there. Claw viper I was wary of snake charges, but I didn't hit any nasty packs, and it was a cakewalk. Worst I found was a pack of extra strong snakes+Champ Overseers at the door, but it wasn't too bad.

Duriel down. Think I used one health pot for the whole fight. Smite>

Current stats starting A3 hell (the blocked AR is pretty low... like 3600 or something. Comes out to ~65% chance to hit Duriel)

Not too much in the way of loot today. LoH off Duriel to replace the ones I donated to the Rogue Encampment floor, and the 'Rhyme' shield at the very beginning of the evening. Nada from A2 or Andy otherwise.

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