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#11 Feb 17 2019 09:47pm
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Quote (Godly_Mike @ Jan 25 2019 08:04pm)
That be Strong Clan Danny he had tons of multis he was not on jsp or never mentioned it ^.~ then he lost account to fat boy mike an some how critoris got it and so on and so forth! Bunches of random old information on a legacy of hdining lol!

lol totally forgot about strong clan/mien minorities. used to shit on their hack/party of 5 daily

out of the ppl u mentioned seems like fatseo is the only one who still plays this dead game and spends cash on it ~
#12 Feb 17 2019 10:08pm
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It's fuckin' snowin'
#13 Feb 20 2019 07:58pm
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fucking boomers
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