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#151 Feb 1 2019 02:39pm
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#152 Feb 1 2019 02:43pm
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#153 Feb 1 2019 02:45pm
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If i was longed Ferrari 430 Would be the car i buy.
#154 Feb 1 2019 03:21pm
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Quote (bloodmeal @ Oct 9 2018 02:05pm)
i was thinking about IF there was a kit in the future to make any car epic speed and battery driven... which car would be the most beautiful to you?

I was thinking after taking the performance out of the equation entirely, purely from an aesthetic point of view, whats the prettiest car?

I live in London so of course my exposure to cars is probably very different to a lot of you. My little list as of now is as follows:

Ford Thunderbird.


Ferrari 430 (original)

mercedes 300SL Gullwing

ford shelby gt500

I guess everyone knows what these cars look like but if you have an obscure suggestion please put a pic.

one persons not beautiful is another's dream come true
#155 Feb 1 2019 03:24pm
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1971 El Camino. hand's down. built in fuckspot in the back.
#156 Feb 1 2019 03:29pm
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#157 Feb 2 2019 10:38am
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#158 Feb 2 2019 12:17pm
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Went to see a car today for some parts for mine

They couldn’t tell me about it or anything(you know the places)

80miles one way in my f250 w the 7.5L
What a waste of two bucks
#159 Feb 12 2019 07:41pm
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