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#1 Oct 7 2018 08:16pm
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My sig is incredibly outdated (I dont even own a Subaru anymore). It is time for something new. Here is something I have been working on in GIMP.

I am trying to make the font look similar in style to the crusader shield. That is, with a steel border and a white "ivory" type of interior. Perhaps even with the gold inlay eventually. For now I am just wondering how I might go about replicating that steel shield look? I think with some tinkering I can get the interior looking good and I should be able to add the right beveling to make everything look inset with nice clean edges. I have made a lot of brushed steel effects in the past (what I was starting to work on above), but it is going to look out of place. How would you attack this? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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