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#1 Aug 16 2018 08:33pm
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So website is already created. Im using wordpress.

The website is related with the e-cigarette and e-liquid bussiness of my own.

I wont reveal the website here, as i want to keep confidential my identity relating to this website.
It is almost complete, but it is my first website. Ive did some mistake of course and the front main page is not what i want it to look like.

Maybe someone can look around and upgrade it? Make it look better? Gives me a fews tips etc?
It is partially in french/english. You can write anything in english, if needed, I will translate it. ( A english / french language choice would be awesome to add. )
There is a checkout page etc...

I dont know what this is worth, but if your interested, ill hit you with the details in pm
( the website name basicly...and you tell me what you would do to improve it, but correcting the front page would be awesome, as also the price for that,
if you mess up and i have to contact my webhoster support to put it back online, it is fine, nobody is perfect, but lets try to avoid this. I made that mistake already :wallbash: )

The main job here is to correct the front page, and it shouldnt take that long if you know what you are doing.
The second job here, is to look for any upgrade you might have in your head, to make it look like more professional, maybe get better image would be as simple as that.
I might work on it while your on it too, adding product/ adjusting pricing etc.

Vouch for people are welcome, as you will get login information and i dont want some random jerk messing around.

The choosen candidate will be mentionned here as for your work to be protected, but all confidential information need to be kept in private.

Thanks for your interest.

#2 Aug 21 2018 06:42am
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I can help you out with this, and you can send me what ever you think it is worth :)

You should start writing Good product descriptions in a SEO-friendly way, snap good pictures, look up delivery costs, taxes, currency-exchange-rates, countries you sell in, payment methods (I recommend stripe), create some social media pages and so on.

The more you have ready, the more I can fix at the same time. But I can not put too much time into your project as I only do this to help you out a bit on the road and to gain some fg's for rainy days :)

You will be happy with the service, that's a guarantee!

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#3 Sep 3 2018 07:26am
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Quote (ium @ 21 Aug 2018 08:42)

You will be happy with the service, that's a guarantee!

thanx for the quick fix :) il be contacting you again in future :D great guy.
#4 Sep 6 2018 10:46pm
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there is many opensource ecommerce like prestashop, magento and xcart... u need a fullstak developer.
#5 Sep 7 2018 06:57am
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je peutx refaire le site au complet de A-Z
parcontre je fait pu de wordpress, ya trop de problemes de securite.

Je charge 70$ de lheure mais pour un fellow d2jsper je peut faire ca moins cher ;)
envoi moi un message si tu es interesse
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