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#11 Oct 7 2018 03:05am
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I want to try some new builds!

macro wins, and no herass/cheese foccus build, when still tech rush a little, faster defend.

Cost effective?:
200/200 Spire costs, and 150/150Lair cost, devided over 10muta = 70extra coins per muta,
ofc the Lair urns itself back verry soon, when go hydra after, but the spire is verry lategame
killing some drones and forcing antiair, and containing the enemy and mobile defend vs herass, urns itself back.
After that its better to trade some muta, since when you add them into the a-click army, they not do verry well.

Since i was considering Lurker's,
and you not wana have more then 6to10 of them, making the tech costs per unit go up huge, and you can not force a herass out of them.
even wen you need most of the tech for hydra anywhy

i was just considering Lurkers for the following reason:
Multi frond war, army split, or at least, when i a-click all forces, my burrowed lurkers stay where they are.
Witch allow less food in army, to rebuild faster and to trade better.
May work great with spores and spines, or even swarmhost to make enemy beleave to move up after loccust die
Mapcontroll, for rebuild time.
May help for turtle mode, when want to do a broodlord endgame

Not sure yet, since if i turtle to hard without herassing or distracting my enemy, zerg not that great when its 150food vs 150food, the step from hydra to broodlord takes verry long.

So a army like this, the endgoal when it comes to micro controll:
2+2Lurkers arround enemy base, when he moves out or try expand (or does it take 3?)
2Lurkers at the gate of my 5bases
1+1+1Lurker at my mineral line vs herass drops
5to7swarmhost (not sure about this yet, since it cost huge micro and fcks up armycontroll, and takes away more food from my a-click army) to force the enemy to react, to herass midgame, to add to the lurker play
10to20hydra, to rebuild Lurkers, and for midgame anti-air
10to20Roach, to sacrafice, to throw minirals in a hi-food cost unit, low miniral costs, tanky
creep+queen+spines, just behind lurkers, vs antiair
corupters and broodlords after this
could take muta, instead of swarmhost, if my micro lacks to hard

since i nn to rush air herass timing, i may base up and pool a little sooner, and then a queen for inject may help some to undo the 3e hatchery delay

armour best upgrade, because drones and overlords, and rebuild time, and multiunit
ofc, roach and hydra speed upgrades one of best upgrades ingame
zerglings benefit best from attack upgrades, the other units not need that, roach could get attack upgrade aswell
#12 Oct 8 2018 06:43pm
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Oh shit tommyvv plays d2, poe and sc same as me lool
#13 Oct 10 2018 09:47pm
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So, I remember this guy, but I never did figure out if he's a troll or if he was dropped on his head.
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