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#21 Jul 16 2018 04:40pm
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Quote (doorknob @ Jul 16 2018 10:40pm)
how long ago was this?
before last year's new r/d ish?

naw good 5 years ago now I'd say, but before that he was on and off euro/east for a good 5-7 years ( at least publicly ^^ )
#22 Jul 17 2018 01:55am
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Quote (LiTbong @ Jul 16 2018 02:15pm)
Vik aka Dola's Paladin


Besides any prepatches that exist to beef this up, there are no better items or even the possibility of them.

/e I take that back I'm pretty sure there was another amy or 2 floating around with damn near same mods but 19 str

Death touch ring omg where is that +15 str?
#23 Jul 17 2018 02:31am
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Quote (LiTbong @ Jul 17 2018 12:37am)
this is one of those things that we know a lot more than we put on, we just don't know the full formula
trust us though we thought the same thing at one time but it's not re rolling

very true it couldn't have been easy if only he found out/used it

send imbue packets from trade screen (for extra points, with a level 1 character)
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