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#11 Jul 14 2018 11:11am
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Quote (Majithor @ Jul 14 2018 04:27pm)
mine don't work on that site either but i'm ps4 and i'm a bot

Yea if you play on console you have to link your account to Epic and search your stats through your Epic username.

You should add me btw my account is Josh the skater

im always playing at night

This post was edited by Fromage on Jul 14 2018 11:11am
#12 Jul 14 2018 04:51pm
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Quote (Fromage @ Jul 14 2018 03:58am)
It should be whatever your epic account name is to look up, not your account username

unless its just bugger or something

His has always been bugged he has to send the friend request you're on another platform it's weird, he slays tho
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