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#1 Jul 12 2018 06:22pm
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Basically, what I was thinking..

For Diablo II at least, if we were able to label our own items that we're attempting to sell/buy it could make the trade finder function/search function infinitely more useful. As of now, it's difficult to find any posts/trades even close to your true ISO due to the fact that the functions aren't precise enough. You have to type the exact words of a post to find anything useful, and even then half of it is garbage you don't need.

However, if we could label our own items by picking a selection during post creation which is then linked to trade finder/search function, we could make trading easier thus reducing the time required bumping countless topics.

Some examples of the categories that could be used to label your item(s) under for faster trades (Diablo II)

- full character (what char for sub topic)
- charm set(s) (what type for sub topic)
- unique
- runeword
- torch
- rare (ring, amulet, etc. For a sub topic)

These are just a few examples off the top of my head. I'll happily come up with more if this goes anywhere

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#2 Jul 12 2018 07:09pm
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Exists already?

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