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#1 Jul 12 2018 01:15pm
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Hey all,

As the title suggests I'm offering a weekly challenge completion service.

1 week of challenges completed, 650fg/week
2 weeks of challenges completed, 600fg/week
3+ weeks of challenges completed, 500fg/week

Availability and timeframe for completion will vary on an individual basis.

If you are interested in other services such as grinding levels feel free to post here or DM me and we can negotiate prices.
#2 Jul 13 2018 09:44am
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lol wow.
#3 Jul 13 2018 07:38pm
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Quote (partank @ Jul 13 2018 10:44am)
lol wow.

:rofl: :rofl:
#4 Jul 14 2018 12:15pm
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If you decided to go lower I may be interested in a couple accounts for this type of service since my game time is limited.
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