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#1 Jul 10 2018 07:47pm
Group: Member
Posts: 2,831
Joined: Dec 4 2011
Gold: 4,047.60
My suggestion is for guilds to be able to use their stored guild points to purchase guild wide events which would be similar to the ones which are currently spawned by the game bi-weekly. These events could run in conjunction with the game spawned events. Please post your thoughts on the subject, I am curious what everyone thinks.
#2 Jul 10 2018 07:53pm
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Joined: Oct 23 2007
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Warn: 20%
#3 Jul 10 2018 08:07pm
Group: Member
Posts: 21,721
Joined: Jan 12 2008
Gold: 161.12
Maybe even an option to spend it on vault days as well
#4 Jul 10 2018 08:10pm
Group: Member
Posts: 9,691
Joined: Mar 15 2008
Gold: 21,715.08
Voted yes mainly because I currently don’t care about guild points and i’d like to have a reason to :)
#5 Jul 10 2018 08:25pm
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#6 Jul 10 2018 08:26pm
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Posts: 2,831
Joined: Dec 4 2011
Gold: 4,047.60
Quote (Paparick @ Jul 10 2018 06:25pm)

#7 Jul 10 2018 08:44pm
Group: Member
Posts: 27,643
Joined: Apr 7 2007
Gold: 29,504.49
1. more guild activity
2. reward for climbing not just a number
3. something to look forward too and another thing to bring people back that "take a break" (that one guy who went afk but enjoys the guild events)
#8 Jul 10 2018 08:54pm
Group: Member
Posts: 1,017
Joined: Jan 16 2018
Gold: 992.91
Yes from me. Maybe a secret portal that guild members can use when they spend 10 guild points?
#9 Jul 10 2018 09:02pm
Group: Member
Posts: 26,921
Joined: Sep 21 2007
Gold: 16,524.82
If there could be more reasons to get guild points and more fun/ benefits. Why not?
#10 Jul 11 2018 04:19am
Group: Member
Posts: 13,372
Joined: Oct 17 2004
Gold: 374.31
No. Keep guild points the way they are. If anything add an additional "Guild Token" reward that can be spent on LS only features. Not even going to go any further than this, but think of some ideas.
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