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#11 Jul 17 2018 12:39pm
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Quote (Warlock316 @ Jul 17 2018 12:47pm)
damn, dc animated movies are always top notch

sadly they can't get it right with big budget films :p
#12 Jul 17 2018 01:07pm
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Quote (672 @ Jul 17 2018 06:39pm)
sadly they can't get it right with big budget films :p

haha right....

dc puts on good animated movies/tv shows

marvel puts on good movies

also just finished the movie.. pretty damn good... now gotta wait for reign of the supermen
#13 Jul 17 2018 03:18pm
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was good, budget films like this wish they'd make a 2nd punisher this be a great intro...

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#14 Jul 18 2018 07:10pm
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Quote (672 @ Jul 12 2018 05:47pm)
yeah, it's been out a few weeks.

I'm not huge on superman either so I already walk in with a bias opinion, but it just wasn't as good as I felt it could've been.

Saw it. Imo best yet. Better that batman vs superan aswell.
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