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#461 Jul 22 2018 07:09am
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Quote (njaguar @ Jul 21 2018 05:27pm)
I'm thinking about doing two phases of beta testing. The first would be on the clean dev server with the goal of getting at least 1 (hopefully more, like a full team) to master quest.

The second phase would be copying the live data to dev, doing a fake ladder reset, then having some groups do some climbs.

This will let us first double check for last minute bugs, and finally for any balance issues related to these new buffs.

I'm hoping we can start this Monday. How long it takes depends on how many testers we can get playing as much as possible to make me satisfied that any and all bugs are fixed.

I still need to wrap up the guild vault transfers, and the master quest code. The latter shouldn't take long, but the former is surprisingly complex.

There are more things I want to get done, so if I decide to start them, the start date will be pushed back accordingly.

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