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#1 Jul 5 2018 05:27am
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So, I am actually curious to who trains which skills for proficiency. Upon looking at top 50 of each skill ladder,all I can see for most players is 70% inactivity for 1-3 years. Not really relevant data.

Post here by character name which skill you actively train (meaning you spend more than a few minutes on muting/fishing/suffusing then log out) and how much time a day/week that you do this. I would like to see who actually skills and which skills are preferred by the community. Thanks.

HylianHero (Transmuting) Daily (less than 5 minutes)//Weekly 1-2 hours. (Not alot but I get fits where I go crazy to get lots of gains and I am not interested in purchasing items and rerolling magicals). I am inactive in training the other skilling profs at this time.
#2 Jul 5 2018 05:32am
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i dont get points for most of the items but i transmute 20-30 min per day
#3 Jul 5 2018 05:37am
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it really varies depending on my schedule and whatever I have laying around + the event
I usually have streaks where I'll skill a lot for a week or two for 5+ hours a day, and then weeks where I don't do anything at all like the latest weeks

I usually focus on muting and fishing though, and sometimes when I collected a few thousand fish I will cook them
I have plenty of suffusing prof but the problem are the essences, if HC was active and people were climbing actively I'd have them send me all level 10-15 items and I'd just mute them, but if I have to gather *and* mute them myself, it takes quite a while to gather the required essences. Glyphing is such a meh thing too, I just do whatever's in my range every now and then and that's it.
#4 Jul 5 2018 06:07am
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15th best suffer in hardcore, lvl4 lol
#5 Jul 5 2018 06:42am
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#6 Jul 5 2018 06:50am
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Quote (wallace89 @ 5 Jul 2018 08:42)

Thanks, that was great data. Completely on topic for what was asked.
#7 Jul 5 2018 06:54am
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I fish a lot of times when I poop ;) let’s say 30 min/ week on character kappa
#8 Jul 5 2018 07:16am
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Quote (hasteful @ 5 Jul 2018 08:54)
I fish a lot of times when I poop ;) let’s say 30 min/ week on character kappa

Sadly, this was STILL a better love story/post than the previous 2. Thanks.
#9 Jul 5 2018 07:27am
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I actually liked skilling in a lot of other games. Runescape, Daoc, eldevin, and ma
ny of them I was a top skiller.

But this game is just so incrediBly boring to skill in. Like. Seriously.

1000times the time investment of every single other games skills.

You have to consistently pay attention, not skill and do other things,yet skilling is mind numbing and not engaging at all.

I honestly applaud so hard for those who are high..... And also feel sorry for them. Thats tens of thousands of hours spent. Each

There had to be a better way to spent their time. :blink:
#10 Jul 5 2018 07:58am
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Conformity-suffusencing, couple hours a day during a good event for it, not much otherwise.

Screened-transmuting, couple hours a week at least

Dontalk-glyphing, maybe half an hour a week, more during a suffusencing enhanced effect event

Lagg-fishing and cooking, few minutes a week on average these days. I only do it when I’m waiting for 5/5 for a whistle climb, and I almost never do that, so almost never get any prof for these skills
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