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#31 Jun 15 2018 08:40am
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Quote (Gokuxxx @ Jun 15 2018 10:34am)
yes it definitely is fake! She only beats ppl who can't gm stack

#32 Jun 16 2018 02:46am
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Quote (Gokuxxx @ Jun 14 2018 08:51pm)
haha this kid actually took his time to post about queen. queens been most gm sors on ladder if your butthurt about it im sure she was sticking up for someone u were bming or talking shit haha that screenshot was b4 she was geared early ladder but gg congrats on the kill probably should of posted all the times she killed you😂😂

Fun fact: that is Queens ig account name. The only butthurt one seems to be you queen, you asked me to post screenshots and I did. :/
#33 Jun 16 2018 05:39pm
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more info?
#34 Jun 17 2018 02:28pm
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Quote (heyey @ Jun 16 2018 06:39pm)
more info?

whole thing summed up guy butt hurt because he cant kill the evilqueen
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