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#61 Jun 12 2018 03:55am
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Quote (Ergol @ Jun 12 2018 09:38am)
i'm pretty sure he's not

#62 Jun 12 2018 08:25am
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Quote (DaTz @ Jun 11 2018 01:25pm)
Don't trade on here either.. Dunno why just don't feel right plus fg is pretty lame

I used all mine to buy steam keys. Got about 500$ worth and used most of it to buy games.

Now I just flip on steam its a lot easier than trying to sell poe items. And likely more profitable.
#63 Jun 12 2018 08:39am
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You used publicly available scripts which are against the ToS. You got banned. Seems fair.

#64 Jun 12 2018 04:56pm
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My uneducated guess would be your 1000s exalts trades just saying.
Flipping on JSP seems very unwise, probably ended up trading with someone wrapped up in RMT and flagged. I use HUD, and not banned so most likely not detected.

However, I think I'm going to stop trading on JSP and just play legit after this.

GL boyos stay safe.
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