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#21 Jun 10 2018 07:33pm
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Quote (Plaguefear @ Jun 10 2018 10:08pm)
Much better builds than howa, gl getting gear for 15k es on league.

man u get 2300 int... with new inplicts its easy to achive it and u can use cheap gear u dont need op gear for it... with gg gear is higher

if some1 wants a quide on this pm me ill help u out , its prety simple...
u just stack int... so basicly all items int + int% or atributes% inplicts and high es... on tree ur just trying to hit as much int posible and also atack speed... and thats it... nn for swaping gems anymore just use greater all the time even with bosses but if u realy wana drop a boss like crazy than swap greater for slower

its a very simple bild

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#22 Jun 10 2018 08:13pm
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look at top 100 ssfhc, mostly blade vortex
#23 Jun 10 2018 09:15pm
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Quote (howas @ Jun 10 2018 12:45pm)
lol i gues i missed that :D

i am just saying that in this 3 years of playing this game i never seen any char not even close to beeing this op... i think ggg blew it a bit here...

Thats boarderline the stupidest thing iv seen you say

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#24 Jun 11 2018 09:21am
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Elementalist Blade Vortex.
Juggernaut Righteous Fire.
Hierorphant Arc Totems.
Saboteur Arc Traps.
Deadeye/Pathfinder Kinetic Blast.
#25 Jun 11 2018 06:24pm
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Vaal dual strike champion most broken build right now
#26 Jun 12 2018 07:37am
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The best char imo is able to do any map any boss any mods.

That's why my vote goes for solar guard Necro
#27 Jun 12 2018 08:59am
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best char is ppl who don't have a char
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