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#31 Nov 2 2018 06:31pm
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Quote (Djunior @ Oct 24 2018 12:13pm)
D3 deserves all the hate it is getting though


U wastin your time with hate and regret B)

I dont like D3 overall but i playing it cuz i wanna do 120 tier as my Blondie Saderka, i closed 115 for now

Quote (CarnageDaGod @ May 19 2018 12:55am)
new some overveiw

go ask in other place, jsp is filled with oldfarts and scrubs who only can complain about d3, this forum dead

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#32 Nov 2 2018 07:20pm
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Quote (hanni_69 @ Nov 3 2018 12:31am)

I dont like D3 overall but i playing it

#33 Nov 3 2018 12:12pm
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Quote (vaiav @ May 19 2018 01:26am)
You came on jsp to ask this question ?

If you want pvm play d3
If you want trade/pvp go d2

#34 Nov 5 2018 01:07am
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D3 is a good game but should never have been called D3 as its so far away from the originals and a let down to the legacy D2 created.
If youve never invested hours into diablo 2 sure its a great game and totally worth picking up and playing, if you've played d2 and got into it. Well D3 is just a totally different game and unless you look at it from an outside perspective its always going to be a let down to the originals.
It as though the developers took D2, thought i know we'll remove all the best parts and all the reasons D2 players have been playing for so long, give it a fancy skin, add a shit load of numbers to the end of your damages so it looks like your doing insane ammounts of damage and sell it.

Personally i bought it pre expansion on the xbox1 and i hated i the second i loaded it up. so just played through the story on normal and sold it.

recently ive picked it up again (ros) for the PC and hated it to start with and forced myself to give it a chance due to the fact blizzard are a bunch of arse wipes and to be honest as much as everyone wants a hybrid d2-d3 for d4 i can totally see them saying fuck what the fans want and making an updated D3. But since ive gotten my head around the fact that the Diablo franchise are pretty much trying to force the game down a different route to what it once was and i can never see it recovering. Im actually having a lot more fun with it now, although D2 i can still invest more hours into but just for 1-2 months at a time now (bearing in mind ive played it since patch 2001-2002)
#35 Jan 31 2019 10:39am
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Quote (hanni_69 @ Nov 2 2018 07:31pm)

U wastin your time with hate and regret B)

I dont like D3 overall but i playing it cuz i wanna do 120 tier as my Blondie Saderka, i closed 115 for now

go ask in other place, jsp is filled with oldfarts and scrubs who only can complain about d3, this forum dead

Yes, diablo immortal > all other diablos

U old farts all dont know shit, i just micropay my shako with my wechat account and get an extra pony lvl for that, dig what im saying?!
#36 Feb 1 2019 12:51pm
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D2 is hard to beat, but D3 is still a fun pvm game
#37 Feb 1 2019 01:01pm
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D3 is more fun when i get bored of d2. D2 is fun every few years when i feel nostalgic. As far as which is better? Depends on what you're in the mood for. D3 is never fun for me for more than a few weeks - a month but it's nice every once in a while.
#38 Mar 13 2019 02:10pm
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D2 ofc, open system trading.
#39 Mar 13 2019 09:21pm
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D2 >
#40 Mar 31 2019 02:49pm
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D3 was a stillborn release from the beginning. It didn't even have pvp for 2 years after release. Then they made the poor choice of removing the AH and increasing drop rates across the board so gear no longer felt "special" or "valuable."
When D3 pvp finally released it was as shocking and traumatic as having a doctor inform you that you had stage 3 cancer, as you logged in with excitement to test the pvp, only to realize that Blizzard had once again duped you into eating a big shit sandwich. It was on that day, that most old D2 players knew that Diablo 3 was truly a complete flop, and in way had any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

D2 was to me, still to this day, the most fun that I've ever had playing a video game on any platform. The game was designed wonderfully for its era. When I was younger I used to complain about the drop rates, but looking back on it after playing new games and how they work now, I realize that D2 having such ultra rare beyond winning the lottery impossible drop rates, was a good thing. It created a special kind of sociology for the players that we don't see in modern games. Players would farm games together, one after another, and not get bored at all. Why? Because those ultra rare drop rates created a feel that was like being in a casino. Magic finding in D2 was truly an addiction unlike any other game. No matter how good your character's gear was, there was always a chance of finding something a little more godly than what you already had. Examples being good Rare Diadems or Cruel Ethereal Weapons, ect ect.
Then because the game was released in a time before auction houses or trade posts, of course the community figures out something like d2jsp.org. This had so many perks beyond the automated and regulated systems that we see in games today. And not only was the pvp some of the most fun competitive dynamic I've ever played with in any game, but it was very unique in the aspect that there were no automated or regulated systems directing matches or player base ranking. The community itself, through d2jsp mainly, was truly able to make the game their own. Through community effort, rules were put into place to balance the game. Through community effort, competition and rankings were obtained and maintained. This is all very unique because what happened here required a real community with real bonds, to be able to do. Even the ones that hated each other, still looked forward to seeing each other, so they could troll each other. Now that's a real community. The same cannot be said for modern games with too much in-game regulation of competitive scenes and trading. Although it is nice to have, such regulation makes for communities with a much weaker sense of pride for the game they play.

Even though I do vouch that D2 was a better design than D3 for many reasons, it isn't quite that simple. A lot of what made D2 a better game, had a lot to do with d2jsp.org and that era of little to no game regulation.
~ And that's the truth.

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