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#61 May 16 2018 02:07pm
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Quote (jadeoshbogosh @ May 16 2018 02:36pm)
Keep bringing up typos? Seriously it's like talking to a fucking child. I said I MADE A TYPO and you missed it, even after all your bitching about anyone who complains about typos. Seriously, trying to have a conversation with someone who can't or doesn't read is just fucking painful. It's like I said typo and without even looking at the context you just see red and start raging like a fucking 4 year old having their tablet taken away. No shit this conversation has gone nowhere now that you're showing you don't even fucking read what you're responding to.

Already admitted I was wrong about the keyboards for GBs with the games you mentioned, I'm not wrong about them in LAN play, and the reason they're allowed in GBs is because no one gives a fuck about those games on console lol. The only point you've landed and now that you're hinging your entire sense of feeling right on, is something that without a doubt proves how fucking trash the competitive scene is for these games.

Try to actually fucking read what the person you're arguing with says next time before responding. OMG WHY DO YOU KEEP BRINGING UP TYPOS. Holy fucking moron.

All my bitching about typos? Still don't get where you are getting this information from? I said I'm sure I made a typo and don't be like 90% of gamers who try to call people out on it... I like how that's a ragey statement.

Looking back you said how I "cried a river over an obvious typo you made" what typo did you make then and I'm making fun of it for being a typo? Please enlighten me because no where in your endless rant of bullshit have I said anything about calling you out on this typo and now you're freaking out about it lol. Look who's making a ragey section now Damn lmaoooo.

Next my main argument I'll loop you back since somehow your idiotic self got lost. It's how all you have been doing in any of your "real infortmation" in here about games have been all half assed bullshit spewed by you and how you are acting as if you know everything about the scene. When we were giving our opinions about games you kept going on a rage about how they suck but yet you lacked no knowledge of the actual game to make that assumption but acted as if you knew all.

Which is why the keyboard argument got brought up from me to show how you know absolutely nothing about what you're trying to shit talk and just keep going.

Now that you've lost that battle it's funny how you keep turning your argument to another irrelavent point like how comp on console is shit compared to PC when no one in here ever said that but you want to try to keep spewing out facts to mask that fact that you have completely no idea what you're talking about. Follow along now ? :bonk:

Call me a moron more dude please Lololol

Also since you seem to like to call me a moron / idiot let me just point out a hilarious thing, you keep saying you never personally attacked me acting like i said you did. I said look cute how you're trying to insult me. Different things pals. Calling me a casual who can't play well against 13 year old teabaggers is what that was in reference to

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#62 May 16 2018 04:19pm
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I've lost that battle? How exactly have I lost? My initial argument/statement was that Fort/OW are gimmicky fanboy trash and the overwhelming amount of 7 year olds and bad gamers (people who think a comp scene for OW/RB6/Fort on console matters) defending it to the death is more than enough proof of that. We've already been over this, I could be wrong about OW, not enough time to tell, but the other two, with Fort/LoL which I trashed on, the competitive scene makes it ABUNDANTLY clear which games are better, which you just completely ignore because of your opinion. I'm sorry that I wasn't aware that these games were so irrelevant that they don't even do the most minimalist amount of rule making imaginable lol, and it's fucking hilarious how the fact that is smoking gun evidence of how bad the competitive scene for these games (on console) is, just goes straight over your head.

You were the one who started whining about the typo thing, and then went off on a tangent when I said that maybe those comp games were bad because they're bad comp* games. My phone auto-correcting comp to camp made you got into a ragefit that made no fucking sense with anything I had said in that entire post, just emphasizing how you only read bits and pieces without even bothering to understand what any of it means.Once again, if you had actually read the post, you would have seen I never said anything bad about RB6... but once again, you being you, you don't or can't read and you just go off about irrelevant and pointless shit. RB6 was the only game that you mentioned that I've got some respect for, but only on a system that actually matters. I have played competitive for a few different games, and I follow the comp scene on a lot more games, but I sure as fuck don't follow the comp scene on games/consoles that NO ONE FUCKING PLAYS. You convincing yourself that everything I saw is irrelevant and that I don't know anything about competitive because I don't follow a scene for a game, on a console, that NO professional player plays, then you're just fucking hopeless (which we already knew). Once again, sorry for getting it wrong, but if anything, it just makes my argument of these games being fucking trash, ESPECIALLY on PS4, even stronger. So thanks. I know it won't go into your thick skull, and you're already back to raging at 13 year olds stomping your ass and screaming at them for using keyboards, but maybe you should try playing something that's actually relevant? Then maybe you could come up with some relevant excuses, or we could talk about a competitive scene that's you know, is actually competitive..... Until you play something relevant, until we're talking about a comp scene that's actually competitive, just fuck off with trying to win on technicalities lol, shit is just sad and it sure as fuck doesn't make the games any less trashy.

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#63 May 17 2018 05:56pm
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wait for red dead redemption :) what im doing
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