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> Looking For First Play Through Guns!
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#1 Apr 28 2018 12:33pm
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Me and my girlfriend are playing on normal. Our rng is really bad does anyone have anything for sale?
#2 Apr 29 2018 02:07pm
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lol you don't even need to get unique weapons on the first playthrough to do fine and there are a ton of quest reward items that are very good and there are plenty of very easy farms throughout the game that all have ~11% drop rates
#3 Jun 9 2018 10:04pm
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I've never even considered farming on first playthrough. Second one, I do, but only near the end. Just check the vending machines EVERY time you go to town. You'll get a decent gun eventually that you can use 10 levels past it's best buy date.
it will be rough till ca lvl 10.

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