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#1 Apr 23 2018 01:07pm
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i always thought that it would be really neat if the guild points that people have earned were displayed under your avatar. where the post count/guild/joindat/gold is

if there was a way to have total guild points added there that would be the best. but i think that may not be possible

even if it was just current guild points that you have from the guild your in would work aswell.

it would even maybe bring some more life into the game in a way, because i find alot of people are very anal about numbers and if they see somthing with a 0 there they may want to get it to a certain number.

what yall think?
#2 Apr 23 2018 01:23pm
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I always hoped there would be something you could spend your guild points on. Maybe like a glow orb for the guild list or something. I always thought it was dumb that the only thing GP were good for was guild ranking when most guilds have next to no chance to break the top 5 slots with the current state of the LS community.

Voted yes

This post was edited by Cheeya on Apr 23 2018 01:23pm
#3 Apr 23 2018 02:35pm
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voted yes.

i honestly agree that it could be an effective way to bring more life to the game
#4 Apr 23 2018 07:08pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2007
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Voted yes.

This problem is what kills a lot of slashers. People leave their current guild and then quit because they don`t have their points anymore.
#5 Apr 23 2018 07:12pm
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Joined: Nov 7 2006
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I’d love to see how many guilds point I truly have.
Voted yes!!!
#6 Apr 23 2018 07:18pm
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Joined: Jul 3 2006
Gold: 8,023.12
That would be pretty cool. Voted yes.
#7 Apr 23 2018 07:52pm
Group: Trade Moderator
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If we would be optional to display - yes, i like this idea
#8 Apr 23 2018 07:52pm
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I have to agree with you, but voting option C was really tempting
#9 Apr 23 2018 08:08pm
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Quote (SouthernComfort @ Apr 23 2018 07:12pm)
I’d love to see how many guilds point I truly have.
Voted yes!!!

I think Paul has stated before that this wouldn’t be possible.

If this were to happen 99.9% sure it would only be guild points you currently have achieved for your present guild
#10 Apr 23 2018 08:09pm
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Quote (ddevin @ Apr 23 2018 10:52pm)
I have to agree with you, but voting option C was really tempting

I yielded to temptation
Da debbil made me do it
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