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#1 Apr 9 2018 08:24pm
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Welcome to another walk through of mine! This will be one of my favorite characters, a zealot.
He will only be using crafted weapons, however, keep in mind that this won't be able to start for a couple acts.
If I can find some gem shrines in a1 that would be fantastic. After hell Baal, all goes. We will decide if I want to keep a Grief on him, but cannot before Hell Baal.

If I do not have a crafted weapon before LK norm, I will run LK until I have perfect gems to make weapons, then, we continue.

Will continue to update this as I progress through the walk!

Players 8 for all progression
Reruns can be done on any player settings
As soon as possible, need to equip a crafted weapon
Have fun
No extended stash

Kill Hell Baal
Make a beastly craft

End Gear Ideas:
Guillies Helm/Vamp Gaze
Sexy af Blood Berzerker Axe
Up'd String of Ears
Bk/Raven/rare/crafted sexy ring
Laying of Hands/20/10/15/15 crafted gloves ( :drool: )
Herald of Zakarum
Call to Arms/Spirit

Would be really cool to keep Bone Helm gfx as long as possible since Ornn has the curved horns, like Bone Helm shows, but I won't limit myself to just that.

#2 Apr 9 2018 09:34pm
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Woot! Following! Good luck bro :thumbsup:
#3 Apr 9 2018 09:36pm
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Can't wait to see this 500+ed/40 ias zerker axe ^_^
#4 Apr 9 2018 09:56pm
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Gl. Going to be a fun follow
#5 Apr 9 2018 10:27pm
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soon as i saw the title with ornn and zealot, i knew it had to be your walk :evil: GL
#6 Apr 9 2018 10:46pm
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Woot following
#7 Apr 9 2018 11:01pm
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Good luck!
#8 Apr 10 2018 01:31am
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Following just to see a screenshot of the Ornn ult:)
#9 Apr 10 2018 01:42am
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Ah man, I just love the idea for the name...brilliant. Good luck on your journey
#10 Apr 10 2018 08:34am
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Good luck here. I love zealots as well. :thumbsup:
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