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#131 May 13 2018 12:33pm
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Quote (zgnade @ May 13 2018 01:02pm)
worthless post.

My bad. I tend to talk/write too much sometimes.
#132 May 13 2018 06:15pm
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Quote (zgnade @ May 13 2018 09:02am)
worthless post.

lol he's just talking about his build aint nothing wrong with that. i enjoyed it :D
#133 May 14 2018 09:35am
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can't wait for my high council set :D
#134 May 14 2018 11:39am
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Quote (JohnMiller92 @ 14 May 2018 02:15)
lol he's just talking about his build aint nothing wrong with that. i enjoyed it :D

ive read it 3 times already, may read it again tomorow and during the week too
#135 Jun 12 2018 09:13pm
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#136 Jun 13 2018 11:16pm
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#137 Jun 14 2018 01:51am
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Quote (Golden_Order @ May 12 2018 05:22pm)
Im more into melee characters, although I do have some casters and bow chars too.

The first one "Alpha Manticore" (level 92 hardcore) and the "Seraph" one (level 87 hardcore character), both Gladiator ascendancy and use Cyclone skill (on 6 linked armors). Both do good damage but are also very defensive (can clear T15 and T16 maps easily in Hardcore server). I made sure to make a tank of them both due to my crappy connection.

The difference between them are the following:

The lvl 92 one focus its passive points on sword weapon nodes (its using a top 3 one handed physical DPS sword on HC), while the lvl 87 one focus passive points (and jewels) on bleeding nodes to have 100% bleeding chance together with the ascendancy points and axe weapon nodes.

Level 92 Ascendancy: Painforged + Versatile Combatant + Violent Retaliation + Outmatch and Outlast. (A bit more defensive ascendancy points, but the massive DPS on the 1h sword makes a good offensive balance).
Level 87 Ascendancy: Painforged + Versatile Combatant + Blood in the Eyes + Gratuitous Violence. (This last node makes bleeding enemies explode which mass kills everything around especially on maps with large packs of monsters).

The Minotaur one with the Brass Dome armour, also a hardcore character, Juggernaut ascendancy, the "Unbreakable" node doubles the 5600 armour of the body chest. It uses Sunder skill on a 6 linked mace. This marauder is a beast that can clear everything in front of the sunder attack wave. Very nice to play with also.

The Legacy pack Dual Wield is my favorite Standard character, uses Cleave skill, with the overwhelming unique jewel, which grats fortify on hit with cleave. It actually does decent damage. Also Gladiator ascendancy.

All chars have near perfect alpha howls
#138 Jun 14 2018 09:13am
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#139 Jun 14 2018 01:13pm
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#140 Jan 4 2019 12:30pm
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Bump by reqeust!
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