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#1 Mar 27 2018 05:14pm
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okay so borderlands presequal takes place after borderlands 2 but why is athena liliths prisoner?
did we not save her from being a prisoner of the atlas corp in the general knox xpac n borderlands 1 because she was tricked into killing her sisters entire village
#2 Mar 28 2018 11:29am
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Borderlands the pre-sequel takes place in between borderlands 1 and borderlands 2 to explain jack's rise to power. The only things that take place after borderlands 2 are the cutscenes at the very beginning and very end of the game, where Athena is lilith's prisoner

After the events of borderlands 1 when you free Athena, she goes into handsome jack's employ for the events of the pre-sequel, which is why she is held prisoner by Lilith in the cutscenes, as they end up as enemies near the end of the pre-sequel

You can see when she is captured by the borderlands 1 vault hunters in the tales from the borderlands series
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