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#21 Mar 13 2018 11:10pm
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Don't die.
#22 Mar 14 2018 06:19am
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Storm shako eni =50%dr
Hotspur = 90fr

#23 Mar 14 2018 08:29am
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Quote (Hell_of_Dammed @ Mar 14 2018 04:19am)
Storm shako eni =50%dr
Hotspur = 90fr


#24 Mar 14 2018 10:46am
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Nature pieces
#25 Mar 15 2018 11:50am
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Storm ber + griffon ber + drawf = can stay in the middle of explosions without any problems, he die before i reach 75/80% of my life.. The most dangerous things are packs of vipers.. Merc die almost immediately, and if nihla has light immune is gg ^^.. Is better to tele away, open tp and go to throne ^^. I didnt try nature because drawf helps me also with D
#26 Mar 15 2018 12:17pm
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Quote (Worrywart @ Mar 13 2018 08:33pm)
if you, for whatever reason, were only doing dkey runs (not sure why you would) and you were worried about your merc getting kills without Rest in Peace, you could put a tyrael's armor on the merc.

in general though, just spam lightning or chain lightning from the corner of the room. everything will die before it gets close enough to blow up, and your merc will be the only one taking damage
nature's peace if you're scared

First few weeks of lad keys sell for dumb prices. Then again everything does
#27 Mar 15 2018 12:21pm
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Quote (meegz1 @ Mar 13 2018 05:54pm)
wear a natures peace if you want to keep doing nihla is the simplest solution

Vouch... I always kept one in inventory and swap just for nih... GL HF DD
#28 Mar 15 2018 02:03pm
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Quote (lilith0 @ 14 Mar 2018 01:57)
idk how you play, but I, kill monsters.


afaik he doesn't kill his minions, he just turns them into suicide minions
it's like a 2.5second animation stun, then they have to run to you with their impressive 1500 life and their solid 15% lightning resistance
if your sorc can't kill suicide minions, you have a bigger problem to solve that nilhatak tech choices

E: missed that

you don't tank anything with defense
defense is like dodge and such, either you pass the dice roll and take no dmg or you don't and take full dmg
and usually, it works only against attacks, not against spells

:rofl: :rofl:
#29 Mar 17 2018 05:27pm
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Use peace ring. Slain monster rest in.peace = no ce from nila
#30 Mar 17 2018 05:45pm
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didnt read the rest

dont do nihla on light sorc lvl 97+

viper will rape you at one point

as for nihla, kill him first = minions cant hurt
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