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#1 Mar 12 2018 04:32am
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This is not a thread to argue on, I just like hearing personal opinions on the game

In the end what is the reason you play one more than the other.
The friends you make, The experience of in game strategy.
The clips you can get etc, Better to stream atm etc.

Preferably i will choose fortnite > pubg all day.
I just like the fact you cant get surrounded and die by gun fights without having a chance even if you have a pistol.
I can build get the high ground advantage and plan each target thats pushing me.

Pubg is a good game, Dont get me wrong.
I literally built my gaming pc just to play pubg lmao
I played pubg for about 3 months got about 40-50 wins overall 3-4 hours of game time a day.

Which is harder to win ?

Which is funner to play ?

Which takes more accuracy ?

What takes more of a strategic type game play ?

Fortnite isnt a rip off of pubg.
If you wanna talk rip offs...

Overwatch - Paladins

But yah fortnite is designed in a whole different spectrum of gaming.

Pubg is prolly the best realistic battle royal game currently out

What are your thoughts ?
#2 Mar 12 2018 10:35am
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I tried playing fortnite however I couldn't get into it .. I seen it as a game which was too childish may that just be the looks etc I don't know

Then pubg came out and I thought hmph this is very similar.. but when I played it felt completely different.. more adult friendly.

I disagree with the building on fortnite as tbh ... if your in that sorta situation you wouldn't be building a house xD. I just feel pubg has a mich better feel to the game than fortnite does
#3 Mar 12 2018 01:10pm
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voted pubg, have my share of fortnite experience 200+ wins between squads and solos, however they update too much IMO, example my stepbrother left for basic and got through hopped into a game and didnt know half the items, they will eventually get to a point where they cant keep up with weekly updates and the skins are just ridiculous and nothing but a $$ grab.
#4 Mar 12 2018 02:02pm
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Pubg has way to big of a map. You can get fights but to many people play super passive. You go awhile without fighting other then when first landing more often then not. Pubg requires more gun skill obviously but with how big the maps are it turns into a walking simulator/driving simulator at times which can be a drag.

Fortnites building gives players a way to push and out play people and there is actually less camping in fortnite and you can build forts in the game. I prefer fortnite since I like playing aggressive and getting kills and you can do that the entire match. I prefer faster gameplay and the game has its issues but it's far more optimized then pubg. Pubg is absolutely shit on Xbox compared to PC. I think since I played pubg on PC it's harder to enjoy it on console but even on PC the game isn't optimized well.

I like the gun play alot in pubg but overall I think the game is just to slow for me to get really into it. I mean look at those joke tournaments on pubg they are absolutely awful to watch because it's literally teams circle jerking each other off until next circle.

Both are to different to really compare. Pubg is more realistic and has some really nice things in it and Fortnite is much more casual and more enjoyable to mess around on.
#5 Mar 13 2018 11:46pm
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#6 Mar 14 2018 07:16am
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pubg is more strategic than fortnite

in fortnite u can just run n gun every1 like cod...

fortnite=casual nothing much to say
#7 Mar 14 2018 08:09am
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I enjoyed pubg more. Haven’t sunk too much time in either tho.
#8 Mar 14 2018 06:01pm
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Fortnite is better made atm, pubg has a lot of delay and glitch issues that bluehole needs to polish. Im still not sure if they fixed the invisible door bug, but taking damage while landing on perfectly flat ground happens to me every other game. Also the new pubg map is trash that no one likes.

Pubg definitely has more potential though and the combat feels more rewarding to me. But fortnite wins for now
#9 Mar 14 2018 07:00pm
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Dont like either

Im to much into ark
#10 Mar 15 2018 06:10am
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Map is too big in pubg and people play to passive whereas fortnite map is tiny and you get instant action and people actually want to fight.
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