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#11 Mar 4 2018 05:22pm
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Quote (Justise @ Feb 22 2018 11:27pm)
what makes you say that

just from hearing what he was like in high school and his former georgia golf teammates dont even hardly talk to him and voted most hated player on tour a couple years in a row. i saw him a few months ago at a local golf tournament and said hey to him and tried to shake his hand and he didn't even make eye contact with me. just walked right past me. Everyone around here definitely likes Boo Weekely more than Bubba, but Boo only golfed so he could afford to fish and hunt. he doesn't care that much about golf.

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#12 Mar 9 2018 07:54am
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#13 Mar 12 2018 12:08pm
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Tiger woods, but then he got caught.
#14 Mar 16 2018 10:30am
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vijay singh!
#15 Mar 19 2018 02:52pm
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Bubba. I like his style. Also, the first hat I bought at my local club was PING, because it actually fit my head properly, and the first set of clubs my step-dad (also my golf partner) bought for me was PING. So I'm kind of a PING whore.
#16 Mar 23 2018 10:31pm
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Tiger always. Looking forward to seeing where he'll rank at the end of this year. He's impressed me a lot so far. Pretty amazing he has a fused back and has the fastest swing speed on tour!
#17 Apr 3 2018 04:39am
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John Daley

Easy question.

Look up him teeing a golf ball off a beer can with a cig in his mouth.
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