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#1 Feb 14 2018 02:15am
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Hi wanna play bowi

Got some questions about gear

Belt? Nosferatu or razortail?

Boots Wts Gores or other?

Amu Highlord or Cat eye?

Would be for both parts pvp pvm
#2 Feb 14 2018 02:28am
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#3 Feb 14 2018 02:43am
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45ias/30frw/120ed diadem
Cat eye
Faith gmb 14+aura
9min 120ar 15dex 40life 90mana Ring
2pm 20ias kb 15dex 3ml gloves
Nosferateu belt

Swap Eth titan upg + storm 40ed / 15req

12x3frw 20ar 3max scs
451psn sc
32020s rest
Swap some 32020 for 3frw/5@ if u want res.
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