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#11 Feb 13 2018 04:27pm
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Quote (powwpoww @ Feb 13 2018 05:24pm)
Wear them with pride, pussy.

He doesn’t wanna be identified as the serial rapist the police have been looking for
#12 Feb 13 2018 06:56pm
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Quote (Betrayed @ Feb 13 2018 02:13am)
Tbh seeing abs without muscles is kinda "hard"
What is ur training looking like atm?

lift heavy , 3 x a week HIIT, as well as moderate cardio.

Quote (Meadba85 @ Feb 13 2018 05:42am)
Just up your lean protein and lift harder, including more calisthenics. Get even more discipline on diet, but don't fall off the wagon either

will do, low key fell off and diets been shit this week. feelsbadman

Quote (dirTyMan @ Feb 13 2018 10:42am)
Keep cutting to 160ish. As someone who has been in your position and bulked instead of continued my cut you will be wasting so much time by bulking. Just cut until you're lean as fuck because then when you do bulk it will be much easier to just gain muscle. If you bulk now you'll just get caught up in a terrible cycle.

I promise you won't regret continuing the cut, but you will regret bulking up.

thats how i feel, rather start off lower bf% and then go from there
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