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#1 Jan 15 2018 11:29pm
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Hello guys. I want to make a map for the game Ark: Survival Evolved. But before i start with the actual map making in the DEV Kit, i wanna layout everything in Photoshop, so i have a base of what i want to go where.

I have not used Photoshop in like.. 10 years or something like that, so I am completely out of the loop.

I just need help on tips regarding the size and other general tips for creating the blank "page" if you will. It needs to be big enough, so that i can detail out everything such as small rivers, lakes etc. But also have big mountains and things like that..

The problem i see is, i need all of this to fit in perspective i guess you could say.. So that i have a size-comparison when i actually go and make the 3D world. No good having a mountain on my map, that is the size of a lake.. And then the lake is half the size in the DEV Kit.. I need to find a map, that has a really nice balance in terms of size.

Any tips on this? Anyone who tried making maps like this before?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

- Regards.
#2 Jan 16 2018 05:07am
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Hello there,

No idea about your game/map... but I would for sure make first all the items layout whatever their size.
Then resize them as smart object ( Ps version ?? ) to fit the global map...

Processing this way in case of lakes, mountains, and so on are the same layout ( by resizing one item you'll resize all the copy of this said item ), should be a huge time saver.

Hope it help, good luck :)
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