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#41 Feb 8 2018 04:09am
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Quote (Bradly @ Feb 5 2018 11:37pm)
This. My pops bought the PS4 WW2 Edition. I’m jelly of his camo’d controller and that he (all ps4 users) gets maps earlier

Although game has been running a little smoother lately. Still rough around the edges.

I dont like that collectors edition console
They shoulda made it for the ps4 pro
Not on a slim ps4
They only get the maps earlier if obviously they have the season pass
I for one didnt buy the season pass, nor will i
The core game doesnt have enough to offer for me to buy it
All i really play is war mode and that shits getting boring
3 core game maps for that mode? Every map for multiplayer should have a war mode map
Dont even get me started on the neptune map, everytine that map comes up in a lobby i back the fuck out real quick, so really all i play is griffin and whats the other, outbreak? iirc
For neptune, Its like no one plays the objective and try to take over the base
Everyone and there mother just wants to sit back and snipe and then they wonder why they were defeated during the first set of objectives, cuz you didnt push forward assholes!
They did finally fix the announcer volume levels though
So thats a plus lol
#42 Feb 10 2018 06:10pm
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Looking good
#43 Feb 22 2018 06:48pm
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Best updates yet are happening tomorrow. Could help the game quite a bit.

Now just a scorestreaks buff



Buffed base ADS times and buffed ADS in from sprint times (ADS sprint out times match ADS from sprint times)

Buffed base ADS transition times, but not ADS from sprint times/ADS sprint out times, in an effort to maintain a difference between the SMG and AR class playstyles
Snipers: Kar98k and M1903

Nerfed ADS transition times (a slight quickscoping nerf)

Buffed base ADS times
Note: Base ADS times for SMGs are faster than Rifles, and Rifles are faster than LMGs. In other words, there is now more of a distinction between class playstyles.



Buffed recoil in an effort to have a more competitive SMG on par with the PPSh-41
FG 42

Nerfed fire rate so that the damage output is more in line with other weapons in its class

Buffed recoil in an effort to make it more manageable to shoot down range and give a better contrast to the M1 Garand

Nerfed hip spread to match the M1 Garand’s in an effort to decrease the ability to quickly kill opponents at closer ranges


Buffed fire rate in an effort to make it a more competitive choice amongst the other rifles (still slightly slower than the Gewehr 43)
Gewehr 43

Buffed fire rate in an effort to make it a more competitive choice amongst the other rifles (still slightly faster than M1A1)

Buffed recoil (closer to that of M1A1)

Buffed clip size to be 12 rounds per clip instead of 10

M30 Luftwaffe Drilling

Buffed damage per pellet to be on par with the recent Sawed-Off Shotgun changes so that this shotgun now has a more automatic 2-shot kill and a slightly more forgiving one-shot kill

Buffed shotgun damage range, so that it’s now more feasible to finish off an opponent who didn’t die from a rifle bullet

Buffed ADS spread to allow for greater accuracy when shooting enemies that are outside of the obvious shotgun range (while ADS)

Toggle Action

Buffed clip size to be 8 shots per clip instead of 6 in an effort to allow players to have more success with this weapon

Nerfed ADS spread to be on par with other shotguns (besides the M30)

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#44 Feb 28 2018 01:35am
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Games trash even after all the changes. WW2 needs to just die

We are all waiting for November when hopefully it will be a MODERN DAY SHOOTER
#45 Mar 7 2018 12:17pm
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Not bad
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