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#11 Dec 20 2017 02:17am
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Quote (C4NTWO @ 19 Dec 2017 21:15)
lol common courtesy is too much to ask of these haters... they live, eat and breathe jsp spam. they will cease to exist if they dont exist here.... haha

"It's only spam if you get warned for it"

~ Chuck Norris
#12 Jan 11 2018 10:32am
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Quote (steeltype @ Dec 18 2017 10:55am)
Yes GoE affect every1. That why ppl that Plvl for FG use extremly high level GOE since max is t6 and no emerald is needed and its quicker = better service , also more plvl done per hours

Yes its does stack.

Xp % and +xp raw does affect you if on the follower but not from gem,Gem does not work on follower

Multiple instance of the same bonus dmg does NOT stack, the dmg will be here from all player but its gonna be still 10% dmg increase overall. ( item or skill or gem )

Goet is a bad gem for All class ecept support build, but it does work with all class.

No its doesnt override any other dots. But its doesnt count as a bleed ( doesnt proc pain enhencer, But chance to bleed on weapon and offhand does proc pain)

Yes goat is affected by COE but only if your char has a skill that does poison dmg, otherwise poison dmg isnt part of the rotation

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