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#1 Dec 13 2017 09:32am
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hi :)

i'm thinking about replaying the game for fun, when i got bored of it expansion wasn't out yet, u could buy items from other players ingame etc...

i had a lvl 60 monk and ele (i think) ^^ fully geared with set items etc... not ZOMG gozu at that time but decent ...

is it still possible to play the BASIC game, withouth expansion ??? or will it be full with expansion chars that are much stronger then me? or is it like D2, difference between classic/expansion..

need some info please :)
#2 Dec 13 2017 09:41am
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Expansion comes with few extra chars, forget which ones were added, s12 (current season) just added a huge set bonus buffs, Damage is insane this season. I’d recommend playing the Expansion.

Currently, I’m running a Pestilence Necromancer, Impale DH, EP/SSS Monk and a WW speed farm Barb for t13 rifts/keys. Currently building a super weird Fetish Army WD for P Lvling players and for Shits n Giggles haha.

Obvi if you don’t have xpac then you can only play standard.

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#3 Dec 13 2017 11:45am
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Standard is unplayable now u need the xpac
#4 Dec 13 2017 02:22pm
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Quote (Falkerakatim @ Dec 13 2017 10:32am)

need some info please :)

games shit

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#5 Dec 13 2017 02:37pm
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Quote (hammered_guy @ 13 Dec 2017 19:45)
Standard is unplayable now u need the xpac

This. Standard is gone.
#6 Dec 13 2017 02:39pm
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Quote (hammered_guy @ Dec 13 2017 05:45pm)
Standard is unplayable now u need the xpac

xpac is unplayable now u need uninstall
#7 Dec 13 2017 11:34pm
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Quote (eggson @ 14 Dec 2017 09:39)
xpac is unplayable now u need uninstall

#8 Dec 14 2017 07:06am
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i suggest you to get xpac
#9 Dec 14 2017 04:44pm
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itll be fun for a week so up to if thats worth it.
just realize you need to treat it like a single play-through console game that you finish and never play again. its not a diablo game
#10 Dec 16 2017 07:53am
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Go for Witcher III or Skyrim its more fun Rpg as Diablo III

I played Diablo III like a month, i made Crusader 70lvl 122paragon lvl, and i dont play game now.. There more fun games imo ;)
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