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#1 Nov 13 2017 03:15pm
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Using "#include <array>.....

Create a program that automatically picks six lottery numbers for each dollar a customer pays.
The first five numbers must all be unique (non-repeating), and must all be within the range 1 through 50 inclusive, while the sixth number can be any number within the range 1 through 60 inclusive,
meaning that the number may even be the same as one of the first 5 numbers.
The program should prompt the customer for how many dollars he or she wishes to spend,
and then produce that many sets of six numbers.

Demonstrate the use of the following in your solution:
• Iteration (Looping)
• Arrays or Vectors or both (Your choice)
• Random number generator

I'm Going to start working on this Incase no one can do this. If you can pm and we can talk in discord to get it done as fast as possible.


IMPORTANT: I don't want you to do this for me , I want you to help me complete it ( which really means I want to understand it when its finished).

If you want to do it and then explain it to me I guess that is okay but would prefer like 30 minutes of tutoring basically.

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#2 Nov 13 2017 04:44pm
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I can help
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