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#11 Nov 14 2017 02:04am
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Quote (lFuzzyl @ Nov 13 2017 10:32pm)
Whats a program to unload zip files ?

I have winrar but i had the free version lol

Windows itself can un-extract ZIP files.
for anything else, grab WinRAR & 7Zip. free version's all you need.

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#12 Nov 14 2017 08:16am
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Quote (lFuzzyl @ 14 Nov 2017 07:32)
Whats a program to unload zip files ?

I have winrar but i had the free version lol

As bvanharjr mentioned, you don't need the paid Winrar version to unpack/unzip the driver files you downloaded, the free version is able to do this just fine.
Just right-click the zipped folder when it has finished downloading and pick "Extract to <folder name>", which will create a new unzipped folder side by side with the old zipped one.
When you've unpacked the files I would recommend you start installing the chipset drivers first (by running SetupChipset.exe), then restart the PC when that installation is done, and then install the audio drivers afterwards (by running Setup.exe).
#13 Nov 14 2017 08:42am
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7zip is #1. WinRAR is like 300% slower
#14 Nov 15 2017 12:54am
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Quote (Arkhen @ Nov 13 2017 12:50pm)
Download and install the latest chipset drivers and on-board audio drivers.
They can be obtained, here: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/H110M-PRO-VD-PLUS-.html#down-driver&Win10%2064

All fixed thank you !
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