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#1 Oct 14 2017 08:33am
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Marinade chicken overnight or just do a spread:

Red chili powder

Make flour coating:

1 tsp salt
generous amount of flour
red chili powder
ginger powder
and a generous amount of brown sugar

Coat the chicken in egg then dip in the flour coating

On the frying pan add oil, a couple chunks of butter, and a couple cut chunks of garlic and let it simmer.

Add the meat in there slowly.

I topped off the chicken since I had little oil in the frying pan with left over flour coating that I made.

Guesstimate what time it takes to finish.


I just guesstimated the amounts of ingredients to add in the coating and whatnot, it came out pretty good, I didn't use too much oil so the top part of the chicken was exposed...

Don't judge me for the guesstimation guys ;) add as much as you'd like or as much as you FEEL is good.
#2 Oct 14 2017 12:29pm
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i will have to try that yumm
#3 Oct 24 2017 03:03pm
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Church's chicken >
#4 Oct 24 2017 04:46pm
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Quote (cjlove90 @ Oct 24 2017 04:03pm)
Church's chicken >

Cane's >
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