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#1 Oct 13 2017 01:14pm
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Its RPG ?
#2 Oct 18 2017 09:33pm
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It's a lot of fun, imo. I played a few years back and had an awesome time. The community here is pretty dead though.
#3 Oct 24 2017 01:34am
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add me
#4 Nov 2 2017 10:12pm
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Was looking into this game as well.. although community on here for it is dead.. this the game itself have a good active community?
#5 Nov 3 2017 01:23pm
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Yes every server has a decent base. Great graphics and best story telling. Journey rather than the end, but the end game content are fun too.

I play on brandywine name is emiliastormrage, feel free to send me a mail or pm
#6 Nov 5 2017 01:37am
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I been playing on brandywine and bought VIP. It's pretty fun.
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