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#41 Oct 12 2017 05:42am
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Quote (StayPositive @ Oct 11 2017 11:02pm)
I'm from the future, he wins more cups in calgary

So you live in Japan?
#42 Oct 12 2017 06:20am
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Quote (Toshster @ Oct 11 2017 08:43pm)
Buying a jagr jersey.

Go ahead and buy one, he'll probably score 2 goals this season.
#43 Oct 12 2017 09:27am
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Quote (KrWWW @ Oct 11 2017 11:05pm)
everyone questioned the signing because jagr joined a fast team while being a slow player..

I didn't see anyone say that tbh. Friedman did comment that he's a better fit in the west where the games are slower and heavier than out east, which is true. Meh, he hated his game last night too, only played 10 mins. No need to worry.

Quote (Stealth @ Oct 12 2017 04:42am)
So you live in Japan?

Oops wrong account
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