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#41 Oct 12 2017 08:14am
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Quote (GodisLove @ Oct 11 2017 09:11am)
You can be an asshole sometimes... But you're not afraid to call out people from within the safety of your ejaculatorium that you call house. Come meet me at the mac and I will steal ur girl bro.

what did u say to me

Quote (Alake @ Oct 11 2017 11:04am)
I'm not sure man, he says he has a gf every time he can on any of his posts even if it doesn't fit with what he's talking about. Sounds pretty straight and self confident to me.

General chat me and HnF me are different people son

Quote (tommyd323 @ Oct 11 2017 11:12am)
No doubt he's a very insecure man, that's why he powerlifts and makes fun of fat ppl

#42 Oct 13 2017 03:04pm
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i would def sleep more
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