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#11 Oct 17 2017 06:35pm
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Chicken, polish sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms...

Throw together with some olive oil and whatever seasoning you like (I usually go Cajun), bake at 425 for like 45 min (depending on how big your chicken chunks are).

Delicious. Add rice (cooked) to make it go further.
#12 Oct 21 2017 11:56pm
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Stuffed turkey with gravy and baked potatoes. The prep time is only about 2 hours and the cooking time is only 4-5 hours depending on how big the bird is. I normally start at around noon and it's ready right on dinner time. Pretty quick tasty and healthy meal.
#13 Oct 22 2017 03:50pm
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I've always liked beans and weenies. Fast easy and cheap
#14 Oct 22 2017 10:38pm
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