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#1 Sep 13 2017 04:40pm
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Char Main Job MoonLord (ML)
General Equips
+12 Ice Dragon Legend Armor (+15 INT/VIT Jade LV90)
+12 Ice Dragon Legend Pants ( +14 INT/VIT Jade LV90)
+12 Ice Dragon Legend Sword ( Legend Abyss Jade LV80) Dark Element
+12 Ice Dragon Legend Gauntlet ( Legend Dark Jade LV90)
+10 Ice Dragon Legend Gloves (+14 INT/VIT Jade LV90)
+10 Ice Dragon Legend Shoes (+13 INT /VIT Jade Lv90)
+6 Ice Dragon Legend Helm ( +13 INT/Crit Jade Lv90)



Egineer Warrior Black Hat (TH 1 )
Engineer Warrior Pink Top (TH 1 )
Engineer Warrior Pink Bottom ( TH 1 )
Drum Player Gold Gloves
Engineer Warrior Black Shoes ( TH 1)
Engineer Sword (Engraving Matk 2% )
Engineer Gauntlet ( Engraving Matk 2% )

Charming Rubinart Wings
Charming Rubinart Tails
Charming Rubinart Decals (3pcs)
Charming Rubinart Spirit

Cold Mirage Set x 1
Extra Cold Mirage Necklace x2
Extra Cold Mirage Decal x1

Genesis Ring = 999k
Genesis Earring * SOLD OUT *

Title : Rune of Despair

Heraldry third stat INT.


Sub Char Raven / AW ( Got Job Change Scroll )

Loots :

Subchar RAVEN Equip whatever :D with mixing costume PATK 200K with genesis ring

Costume 2Epic Weapon Thief

Title : Tear Drop 7% atp matk

Any interested discord ihenzz#8162
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