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#1 Sep 6 2017 09:03pm
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I have made some money in the past with sport betting

i have knowledge in both statistics and sports so i want to step it up to a new level

My issue is:

I need a place to get loads of sports data past and current

I am capable using the data to get meanful statistical information

I am not able to get the amount of data i need, i dont have the money to purchase data from big time providers like Stats dot com or anything like that
and i dont have the coding knowledge and time to webscrape the data off other websites onto excel or a another program

If anyone uses statistics and data sets for betting im very interested.
Or if there are any amazing websites that i should look at that i would love to know

Help is appreciated
Not sure if i can pay fg for this, but i am willing to if it is allowed

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#2 Sep 6 2017 09:21pm
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pm weswelker he has all the capping errr.... statistical data that you need
#3 Sep 7 2017 03:31am
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pm nauki
#4 Sep 8 2017 09:59am
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Quote (equable @ Sep 7 2017 05:31am)
pm nauki


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#5 Sep 8 2017 12:45pm
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#6 Sep 8 2017 01:03pm
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Quote (-Kenny @ Sep 8 2017 02:45pm)

#7 Oct 23 2017 05:47am
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Most of that data is useless
#8 Oct 23 2017 11:53am
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You're gay
#9 Oct 23 2017 07:09pm
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You're gay
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