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#1 Sep 2 2017 09:56pm
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Looking to get a bunch of random stranges, paying FG.

Stock Rocket Launcher
Stock Sniper Rifle
Stock Medi Gun
Stock Knife
Rescue Ranger
Stock Scattergun
Stock Pistol
Stock Flamethrower
Stock Flare gun
Stock Grenade Launcher
Stock Stickybomb

Skins/addons ect. are a possibility but not a requirement.

LMK what you got and your prices.

#2 Sep 3 2017 10:21am
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Strange Carbonado Botkiller Flame Thrower Mk.I (Posthumous Kills: 0) (Allies Extinguished: 0) (Defenders Killed: 0) - 330fg
Strange Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol (Scouts Killed: 0) - 220fg
#3 Oct 16 2017 01:39pm
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Joined: Jan 27 2006
Gold: 0.00

Strange Grenade Launcher
Strange Scattergun
Strange Shotgun
Strange Pistol
Strange Rocket Launcher (Revenges: 18) (Posthumous Kills: 21)

no idea on a price as yet as not sure if selling if you can do a offer i may accept i know you said leave a price but i dunno :S
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