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#11 Jul 20 2017 11:39am
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Quote (joshd21 @ Jul 20 2017 12:38pm)
6.5 hrs later and we're at 160 internal temperature. Had to go back to work but I think it'll be fine until I get off (2.5 more hours)

Yes, it'll be fine. It's not going to climb 30 degrees that fast.
#12 Sep 13 2017 03:17pm
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probably far too late at this point....

but on that note i prefer to broil my pulled pork

i like to have enough liquid in the pan to have the shoulder pretty much under water (except not water, more a mixture of dr pepper, bbq sauce, and stock/drippings

12 hours at 250

drain liquid, crank that bitch up to 420 and give it another 20ish mins

pull and enjoy

(ps if there isnt coffee and cajun spices in your rub.... well idk. but i like that)
#13 Sep 26 2017 12:39am
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these look amazing, i like doing smaller roasts in the crock pot. just to make some pork sliders.
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