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#1 Jul 5 2017 09:29pm
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never read intentionally, only when i had a school assignment. recently picked up ready play one on a whim whim out of boredom after a friend mentioned it as his favorite book in conversation. bought it and read it in two days. now im dying for more similar books in that genre.

looking for suggestions for preferably recent books not older than 15 years. i recently ordered american gods, off to be the wizard, and currently reading complete hitchhikers guide to the galaxy i know, a mixed batch there but definitely looking for more dystopian type books. any immediate obvious suggestions? there is a lot i have not read...
#2 Jul 6 2017 10:41pm
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if you're a wil wheaton fan, listen to the audiobook for armada. otherwise avoid the audio and stick with text.

Snow Crash from Neal Stephenson
Neuromancer trilogy from William Gibson

if you're interested in the litRPG genre, let me know. novels that follow a protagonist inside a VR world. i follow a narrator who's been getting active in it. i can dig up some of his snippets you can listen to and he'll probably give you a free audiobook if you're interested in what you hear

what kind of dystopia are you looking for? 1984, fahrenheit 451, and brave new world are "classics". divergent, hunger games, and maze runner are YA.

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