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#1 Jun 28 2017 02:55pm
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Here is the next WT that you have voted on, poison necromancer. I'll be going on this guy more frequently than the Blade fury, but not as often as my hammerdin, until he's completed Hell. Then I'll just jump on him when I have a couple hours to kill to MF and level up.

I'll be starting straight into poison, with the help of a golem and curses! I'm not 100% sure on how this will be done, but feel free to give pointers at any time!

Mini Game:
10 fg to the person who picks the first set item found.
15 fg to the person who picks the first unique item found.
25 fg to the person who picks where I die**

**this no longer applies if I RIP after I beat Hell Baal

*Player 8 at all times, except countess reruns.
*Ladder Runewords allowed
*Extended Stash
*Have fun!

*Reach Hell
*Level 92, highest is (currently) 89.
*Learn how to play Necromancer.

#2 Jun 28 2017 02:56pm
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first set item arctic armor
first uniq bloodfist (lets get risky)
where u die? Travincal hell

Gl hf!
#3 Jun 28 2017 03:03pm
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GL! Love poison NEC's

First unique Crushflange
First set deaths hand
#4 Jun 28 2017 03:14pm
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Deaths set sash
Deathspade unique axe
Death act one hell :(
#5 Jun 28 2017 03:16pm
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Hsauras sheild
Pelta lunata
Act 5 nm

Good luck!

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#6 Jun 28 2017 03:38pm
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+20 Poison Nova (main skill, and pretty much only skill you will use besides Lower Resist)
+20 Poison Exp
+20 Poison Dag
+few points into Lower Resist (depends on gear. The more +skills/curses gear you have then the lower amount of points into this. Put a decent amount in and respect as you progress and collect final pieces of gear)
+spread the rest throughout Golem Mastery and Summon Resist
+few points into each Golem and choose which one you want to have has primary golem (put more points into this one).
+1 in Bone Armor and Bone Wall (+skill gear will boost these so that Bone Armor will be adequate enough to keep you alive as you progress for extra precaution. It's not necessary tho)

Typically Fire Golen is popular since he will receive a bonus from your Lower Resist curse. Clay Golem is preferred against bosses for the %enemy slow.

Gooooood luck buddy!

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#7 Jun 28 2017 04:20pm
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Hsarus belt first set
Manald forst unique

Gl ! I'm happy to see a non ce/summon nécropole B)
#8 Jun 28 2017 09:39pm
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arctic armor
gull dagger
nm dark woods


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#9 Jun 29 2017 03:55am
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Berserker's Headgear
Griswold's Edge
a5 nm
#10 Jun 30 2017 01:20pm
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Thank you all for playing! Others can feel free to play the game until I find the first item of each! :)

Let's get started!

First Rare..

Den complete.

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